Sunday, March 22, 2015

wish me luck, whoever reads this stuff

T minus 28 days to actual primary exams for MMedAnaes (20-21 april 2015). The post mortem of my mock exams shows how much I lack, as I failed both papers. almost all the candidates failed the mock anyway (1 paper had zero candidates who passed, showing how extremely difficult and strict the marking system is). The silver lining is that my marks weren't too far from the passing margin, giving a little hope of passing the actual exams. The master's programme's primary exams are notorious for having a low passing rate. This piece of bleak information will not deter me to grasp at what little hope I have to pass this attempt, and not repeat this struggle.
Having to work and take care of the family has its toll, especially when there is no study breaks given except for the recent 2-week intensive course and 14 days annual leave (not to be taken in a long stretch in my department). My time is limited, my plan consists of studying (a little)during and after work, as there are almost no other options left. Another big hurdle is the conviction and concentration needed to switch to full studying mode whenever I get the chance, and not at my leisure, even after med school and everything. This is surprisingly hard for me recently.
Lastly my hope lies in prayer for a the best possible outcome for me, and my family.

Wish me luck and please pray for my success

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